IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for Chemical Industry

Pyramid IBC provides solutions for storage, transport and protection of chemicals in dry, semi – bulk and liquid forms. IBC is an ideal solution for chemical industries because they are capable of achieving minimal handling, reduced storage space and easy loading and unloading. Our solutions make it convenient for transport of chemicals through any form of transport be it rail, road, air or sea.

The superior solutions offered by Pyramid IBC Container Systems are:

  • Our sealing system ensure leakage proof, protection from natural elements and contamination free storage of chemicals.
  • Storage and transportation costs are reduced by using scientific stacking methods.
  • Easy access is ensured with 4-way forklift entry.
  • Containers can be used for multiple purposes and environmentally friendly eliminating disposal and recycling.
  • Use of inner lining minimizes contamination of chemicals and reduces wastage.
  • Reduced cost of shut down operations as chemicals can be loaded and unloaded safely and efficiently.
  • Tracking systems ensure monitoring and reporting of container movement through computerized systems at customer’s end.
  • Ease of logistics and transportation enabling greater business performance.
  • Product safety through entire supply chain and operations involving movement of raw material and finished products for the manufacturer and customer.