IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for Food, Beverage and Flavors Industry

The maintenance of food and beverage quality and safety is an important aspect of the Food and Beverage industry. Transportation and storage of these products needs to be efficient and cost effective at the same time. Pyramid IBC is an ideal solution for the transport and storage requirements of the food and beverage industry. They are used in storage and transportation of liquid, granulated, powdered foods and food syrups. These containers are also ideal for distilling, blending, fermenting and storing of beverages. With our containers designed specifically for the Food & beverage industry we are able to cater to safety, quality and cost parameters of our client businesses.

  • Our containers are designed to meet the international regulations for food and beverages, FSMA. The time, distance, stress and pressure during transport do not affect the contents.
  • The containers are approved for food contact requirements to ensure contamination free storage.
  • Ensuring proper systems and processes to avoid cross contamination due to faulty use of containers.
  • The texture, aroma and flavor of the products is maintained by proper protection from external environmental conditions.
  • Our solutions are cost effective and ensure complete safety and security of your products improving the supply chain operations of your business.