Safely Carrying Your Business Forward

Our products find use in multiple fields and industries. We offer flexible and customized solutions that strive to meet the most challenging demands of your business. Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are extensively used to store and transport semi-bulk, free-flowing, liquid, viscous, semi-solid, granular products. Our packaging products find application in a wide range of industry verticals.

They include

  • Cosmetics
  • General manufacturing
  • Granular plastics
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solvents and lubricants
  • Food & beverage

Safely Carrying Your Business Forward

We Pack Them All

We Pack Them AllOur customers use our Intermediate Bulk Containers for the storage and transportation of commodities and raw material used in industrial production. These products need to be secured well to avoid any loss due to leaks or theft. Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are very well designed to protect and store the products through the entire journey from the shipper’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse whether within the country or outside. The containers are designed to stand the hard knocks and jolts of rail road, sea or truck transportation.

Storing, protecting and transporting food grade products require specially designed Intermediate Bulk Containers. Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are most sought after for storage and transportation of liquid, granulated and powdered food and food syrups. Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are also suitable for distilling, blending, fermenting and storing beverages.  Customers are tricked into cheap containerization and transportation of food grade ingredients. Without proper mechanism the food grade ingredients

  • Lose aroma or flavor
  • Get cross-contaminated due to improper usage of containers
  • Lose their homogeneity
  • May be contaminated due to residues


Current day market scenario expects compatibility of products for successful performance and customer satisfaction. We at Pyramid Technoplast strive to deliver the highest level of compatible Intermediate Bulk Containers to meet your needs with a flexible and contingent approach.


We ensure your safety with our own, while delivering products that are not only reliable and high in quality, but also shielded against receiving any hazard from their surroundings. Safety is of paramount importance, whether you store food substances or diesel. Keeping this in mind, we deliver with an extra vigilant eye to safety and hazard-free performance.

Designed To Last

Designed To Last

Our food grade quality Intermediate Bulk Containers are well designed and fabricated to cater to the food industry’s stringent regulation standards. When packaged with our Intermediate Bulk Containers, time, distance, stress and pressure do not impact the food products and the cargo is delivered in its original condition.

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are well fabricated to handle hazardous chemicals such as petrochemical products such as solvents and chemicals.  They are also well designed to handle detergents or industrial adhesives. We ensure that such special cargoes are handled with care. We adhere to strict global safety standards while designing packaging products for hazardous goods.

We are skilled in sourcing superior quality raw material for producing containers that are consistent in finesse. Every container we produce is carefully watched and measured for its uniformity in capacity and precision in design.