Path-breaking Design, Innovative FeaturesPath-breaking Design, Innovative Features

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are large reusable industrial grade containers made of high molecular weight, high density polyethylene [HDPE] bottles. The HDPE bottles are restrained in a solid cubical reinforced steel cage for safety, stability and durability. The cubical cage is fitted to a pallet in the bottom. The base pallets are made of wood, steel, plastic or hybrid steel. The HDPE tanks are corrosion-resistance, environment-friendly and safe.


Modular Design

They are known as Intermediate Bulk Containers because their volume range falls in between drums and tanks.  The most commonly used volumes are 1040 liters. The standard Intermediate Bulk Container is one that can hold 100 liters of liquid. The containers are protected by durable, corrosion-resisting, galvanized steel cage. The galvanized tubular cage ensures extreme resistance and superior stability. Top bars and protective features are added to the design to prevent bulging in the top.

The tubular cage design ensures high durability and stacking strength. Compared with a  traditional 200 liter steel drum, Intermediate Bulk Containers save up to 25% space. The  steel cages are built to withstand varying temperature conditions during transportation.  The containers are designed to handle hazardous liquids.

Loaded With Features

Other salient features of our Intermediate Bulk Containers are:

  • Easy discharge of liquid from inside the container through high quality screw type valves as Ball Valva & Butterfly Valve to choose.
  • Easy transfer with dirt-free flow
  • Fitted with safety exhaust valve, that helps in safe transportation of product
  • Composite modular design that helps in easy maintenance
  • IBCs can be stacked one over the other and mounted on a pallet that can be handled using a forklif
  • The Intermediate Bulk Containers are maintenance-friendly and can sustain through all weathers
  • Dedicated customer support service available through mail, phone and on site support
  • High chemical compatibility ensures one Intermediate Bulk Containers for all of your filling needs
  • 6” vented lids Top Opening.
  • DN 50 sizes discharge valve openings.
  • Plastics made of high-density engineering grade
  • Four-corner protectors, protects the inners bottom corner side of the container.
  • Cube shaped Intermediate Bulk Containers are easy to handle and are transportation and storage-friendly
  • These Intermediate Bulk Containers are fitted with valves or faucets at the base and hoses are connected to pour in the material
  • The Intermediate Bulk Containers are fitted with top-opening lids, safety pressure release valves and gaskets
  • Pallets designed to handle high pressure machine handling. Easy loading & unloading, stacking of Intermediate Bulk Containers guaranteed.
  • Plastic drip pan for the corrosion free discharge application.
  • Plastic cover for valve and drip pan area.
  • Copious labeling surfaces and marking plates Available.
  • Superior quality adapters and heaters, bladders and plugs
  • Fiber-reinforced dust caps, fusible caps and high quality drum covers
  • Long lasting gaskets, valves, vents and assemblies
  • Compliance with all standard regulations

Loaded With Features