IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for Medical Waste

Medical waste is a sensitive category of materials for storage and transport since it has to be handled with great precaution and safety. Appropriate handling treatment and disposal of medical waste directly affects public health and involves direct and indirect costs to the industry. Pyramid IBC solutions have been designed to suit the special requirements of the healthcare industry to improve the process of handling medical waste. Pyramid strives for continuous improvements in our solutions to be able to custom make solutions for the efficient handling of medical waste.

  • Our containers meet the specifications of the WHO (World Health Organisation) and other international specifications for the transport of medical wastes.
  • They are made of industrial grade polyethylene with high molecular weight and high density (HDPE) making them puncture proof and resistant to impact.
  • The containers are rigid and impermeable to safely retain residual liquids in syringes and sharp objects like needles.
  • The safety of the contents in ensured by tamper proof containers making syringes,needles and similar objects unusable.
  • They are equipped to handle,store and transport any type of waste including chemical wastes generated by hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.