IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for Offshore

Pyramid IBC is equipped to dispense, store and handle a variety of liquid chemicals produced and consumed in the offshore industry. These chemicals are used in oil and gas processes, drilling processes, waste liquids, aviation fuel and cryogenic chemicals. The operations of the offshore industry can be optimised by the use of our containers. The supply chain and transport of chemicals can be improved and made cost effective,

  • Our containers meet the specifications and guidelines for handling and transport of offshore chemicals.
  • The design meets the demands of the industry in managing the flow and discharge of liquids. The solutions are equipped with stacking techniques, lids and safety and pressure valves.
  • They are provided with superior adapters, heaters, bladders and plugs.
  • Tracking systems ensure monitoring and reporting of container movement through computerised systems at customers end.
  • Ease of logistics and transportation enabling greater business performance.
  • Product safety through entire supply chain and operations involving movement of raw material and finished products for the manufacturer and customer.
  • A dedicated and efficient customer support through mail, phone and onsite support.