IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for OIL & GAS industry

Pyramid 1000 ltrs IBC solutions are specialists in manufacturing IBC for the Oil and Gas industry to transport and store both hazardous and non hazardous chemicals safely, in drilling and production operations. Pyramid offers a wide range of IBC solutions to meet applications in offshore drilling, mature field production or new cracking operations.

  • IBC solutions are made of plastic material which is light in weight and easy to handle.
  • Highly corrosion resistant and chemical resistant.
  • Ability to store and dispense a wide variety of chemicals used in oil recovery, flow rate maintenance, prevent corrosion and scaling, and oil water treatment chemicals.
  • The tanks come with special configurations to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas industry.
  • Features like top opening lids, safety pressure release valves and gaskets enhance efficiency.
  • A cost effective solution for storage and transport of variety of chemicals with zero wastage and safety.