Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are containers that fall in between drums and tanks due to their volume 3-240x300specifications. They are used in storage, handling and transport of solid, semi-solid and liquid materials. Intermediate bullk tanks or containers are manufactured of plastic or composite material. They are also manufactured using wood, aluminum, galvanized steel and fibre. They have many advantages over other systems of storage and transport.

  • These tanks are cubic in form. Hence they can transport more material compared to cylindrical containers in the same carbon footprint. They can carry more material in comparison to cylindrical containers.
  • IBCs guarantee the safety of the cargo due to the robust design and entry and exit architecture. The stack systems ensures less handling and better integration with multiple systems. The system of valves and lids ensures zero wastage due to spillage and overflow.
  • Easy loading and unloading of containers make IBC systems easy to handle contents to avoid leakage.

These containers have specific qualities suiting special needs of various industrial applications. For chemical industry sealing system ensure leakage proof, protection from natural elements and contamination free storage of chemicals. Inner lining minimizes contamination of chemicals and reduces wastage. Their ability to store both hazardous and nonhazardous chemicals produced during pre and post operations, make them valuable for the Oil and Gas industry. Features like top opening lids, safety pressure release valves and gaskets enhance efficiency.

IBC ContainerIBCs serve many pharmaceutical companies in transport, storage and dispensing of variety of chemicals. All type of chemicals which are highly sensitive to heat, air, water or environmental conditions can be safely transported without getting corroded. The chemicals can be easily stored without any risks and wastage Special IBCs are designed to serve the food and beverage (F&B) and flavor industry.

They are used in storage and transportation of liquid, granulated, powdered foods and food syrups. These containers are also ideal for distilling, blending, fermenting and storing of beverages. IBCs containers are designed to meet the international regulations for food and beverages, FSMA. The time, distance, stress and pressure during transport do not affect the contents. For Wineries and Distilleries, IBCs are also equipped for distilling, fermenting, blending and handling wines and alcoholic beverages.

IBCs specific to medical wastage industry are designed to meet sensitive guidelines set forth by WHO for transport and storage of medical wastage. The containers are rigid and impermeable. They safely retain residual liquids in syringes and sharp objects like needles. Offshore and Refinery industry find irreplaceable applications for IBC.  The robust design , entry and exit architecture, scientific stacking systems. Lids and valve systems make them ideal for storage and transport requirements of these industries.

These qualities make Intermediate Bulk Containers an ideal medium for storage transport and handling of any and all materials which can be sensitive to external conditions. IBCs thus are the best container systems and are also economical.