IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for Wineries and Distillery Industry

Pyramid IBC is the ideal solution for the storage and transportation requirements of Wineries and Distilleries. Apart from safe storage, our IBCs are also equipped for distilling, fermenting, blending and handling wines and alcoholic beverages. The designs of the containers can be customized to suit your needs.

  • The containers are ideal for both fermentation and storage of wines and can be used during peak hours of service.
  • The design is built for easier transportation and dispensing, saving considerable time and costs.
  • The material of our containers are specifically designed to transport and store wines and alcoholic beverages to maintain the flavor and taste of the contents.
  • The containers are approved for food contact requirements to ensure contamination free storage.
  • Ensuring proper systems and processes to avoid cross contamination due to faulty use of containers.
  • Our solutions are cost effective and ensure complete safety and security of your products improving the supply chain operations of your business.