Established in the year 1996, Pyramid Technoplast Pvt Ltd. has been a manufacturer of IBC plastic containers as well as being suppliers of IBC Containers in India. These HM-HDPE products are available in wide ranges.

We have initiated two plants for the production and supply of IBC Containers located in Baruch. Our purpose of distributing IBC Containers for Chemicals, Refinery, Medical Waste, Wineries and Distillery and IBC Containers for Oil & Gas Industry and Paint Industry are affordable in price for Intermediate Bulk Containers as well as being extremely reliable and strong to secure products. The manufacturing capacity in the production plant is 10,000 units on a monthly basis.
Our pioneering in the supply of 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) which are especially beneficial for each industry dealing with bulk packaging. We provide IBC Containers throughout the country and have rendered our products to almost all industries for their requirements of bulk packaging. We cater to some of the biggest MNC’s comprising medical waste, fertilizers, food, chemicals, beverages, flavors, pharmaceuticals, wineries, etc. The quality standard is maintained as per government criteria to improve the durability of products.

Ideal Solution For Bulk Packaging, To Every Industry

Ideal Solution For Bulk Packaging, To Every IndustryIBC: Intermediate bulk containers

  • Best packing solutions for your business : Pyramid Technoplast is proud to offer containerization solutions to your businesses involving industrial and bulk cargo. The widely expanding global economy could necessitate movement of your bulk products from one place to another, or it could involve packaging and storage in a place, for long durations. This means your precious products could be exposed to huge amounts of stressfrom human handling, transportation and natural elements.
  • IBC is safe, simple to load mechanically and discharge as well as environment-friendly: It spares transportation and space for storage. It is helpful and easy to fill and prevents seepage. It has got high acclaim from clients. It is broadly utilized as a part of oil, pharmaceutical, chemical and food businesses.

We take after worldwide quality standards while creating our scope of containers and guarantee to convey energy productive heating products to our clients. We also hold fast to the standards to maintain during packaging while container packaging in an unrivaled quality material.


Pyramid Technoplast Pvt Ltd. manufactures and is a national provider of 1000 Ltr Intermediate Bulk Containers. Established in 1996, we give an extensive quality packaging container that ensures your product is safe while transportation or while keeping. With a plant in Bharuch Silvassa, we launched our business to provide industries with containers that are reliable to safely and securely accommodate products without destruction to the product. With quality in the IBC container and being a manufacturer of narrow mouth containers, we are increasing our popularity at a faster pace. Many industries of different field obtain their products with us. We deliver consistently and ensure that we have service support when required the most. Our quality goes unmatched.


RESEARCH, KNOWHOW & EXPERTISEOur team of experts possesses a wide range of technical knowledge & expertise, and understanding in the field of HDPE packaging products manufacturing. We follow international quality norms while designing and fabricating our range of HDPE packaging products.

A research and development wing is always engaged in processes that innovates our packaging products, services and systems so that we deliver the very best in class to our customers. Our researchers improvise the existing designs as well. We bring cost-effective measures into our fabrication processes to ensure that the customers enjoy the benefits of low cost.

We procure superior quality raw material and our product design and development involves the best industry standards and regulations


CUSTOMER-FIRST APPROACHPyramid Technoplast Pvt Ltd. has been a customer-first company since inception. We have left no stone unturned in the process of analyzing and understanding the needs of the customers. We carry out regular and extensive market research across the country besides visiting customers to evaluate the quality and efficiency of our HDPE packaging products. We focus on the changing trends in packaging industries and the global economy as such. This helps us adopt modernization and technical innovation to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition in terms of quality offerings. We have zero-tolerance policy when it comes to adherence to environmental regulations in the operations, processes and systems that are engaged in the production of HDPE packaging products, disposal of waste materials and maintenance of our ecosystems.

We understand and appreciate the need of our customers. We believe in quality and strict adherence to business & regulatory standards to deliver that quality. Our mission is to evolve perpetually through our business experiences and ensure that every customer is delighted buying our HDPE packaging products.


  • OUR MISSIONDeliver excellent quality all the time
  • Ensure prompt delivery of products as per commitment
  • Maintain high class production standards
  • Engage the best professionals in the design and development
  • Adhere to ethical business standards and policies
  • Help the environment and the ecosystem by following eco-friendly methods.
  • Ensure the customer is always delighted with our offerings