How to use Intermediate Bulk Containers

At Pyramid Technoplast Pvt Ltd, we offer technologically equipped and cost-efficient storage options that are making greater inroads into all industrial,petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, among many others. Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are deigned not only for storage but also for efficient transportation and hazard-free handling. The standard Intermediate Bulk Containers can carry up to 1000 liters of liquid;. Intermediate Bulk Containers can be emptied from the side or center, but the gently inclined design of the bottom of the containers can significantly reduce product waste when being emptied. An ordinary drum retains about 3 % of the material inside while an IBC retains about 0.5 percent.

Sturdy and Loaded

The decision to use Intermediate Bulk Containers over drums is usually made by the end user, who specifies the type of container. Intermediate Bulk Containers can safely carry a wide variety of chemicals, but we obtain chemical compatibility information on both the tank and its gaskets before confirming an order. It is important to understand the kind of product that the container will hold, so that decisions regarding design and capacity can be made efficiently. Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in understanding the capabilities of Intermediate Bulk Containers to contain specific chemicals.

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are equipped to be stacked together firmly and avoid over-utilization of space. This makes pallet stacking unnecessary because channels underneath each container allow easy forklift access from all four directions. This avoids drain accessories in some models. Intermediate Bulk Containers can also be top-lifted.

Increased Service LifeIncreased Service Life

To support longer service life without damage, the smooth interior must be washed first. Every time a unit is washed, it should undergo air-testing, as some of the parts may need to be disassembled and reassembled for proper cleaning. Our Intermediate Bulk Containers also undergo periodic leak-testing and thickness-testing to ensure consistency in quality.

Heating and PressureHeating and Pressure

IBCs can be fitted with heating jackets and coils or bellybands to warm the contents in the same fashion as drum warmers. Before taking off the cover, the tank’s internal pressure must be equalized by opening its bung plug. The lid can then be pulled loose from the gasket seal in which it is seated. Similarly, before filling a tank, all drains must be sealed and the bung plug opened to release any internal pressure from inside the tank. The tank is filled using an aperture fitted with a vent that allows displaced air to leave the tank as liquid enters it. The lid is then sealed, clamped and locked, and the bung plug is closed.

Continuous Improvement and AdaptationContinuous Improvement and Adaptation

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers continue to be customized. They can be specified as double-walled to transport flammable products and hazardous chemicals where transportation and environmental regulations demand it. Depending upon the type of industry/substance that is being stored, customers can also choose the containers from our wide range of designs and capacities.