Enhancing Business ProfitabilityEnhancing Business Profitability

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers protect and ensure hygiene standards of food grade products. The entire operation & usage of the container has been found to been economical and cost saving. The container design is environment-friendly and highly professional. The Intermediate Bulk Containers are known for their sturdiness, logistical ease of use, capability to handle pressure during transportation.

All Verticals Covered

Our IBCs can store, protect and transport food grade, general manufacturing and hazardous items. Our Intermediate Bulk Containers serve the following verticals:

  • Cosmetics
  • General manufacturing
  • Granular plastics
  • Solvents and lubricants
  • Food & beverage
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Pharmaceuticals

All Verticals Covered

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are high on performance, and eases handling and storage processes of products. The strong HDPE construction ensures protection from damage that can be caused by nails, rust or splinters from foreign objects.  Intermediate Bulk Containers improve reusability & enhance spatial economy and reduce inventory. Studies have found that the containers enable optimum usage of warehouse floor space and handling equipment thereby ensuring better use of fixed assets.

Ease of Use GuaranteedEase of Use Guaranteed

Intermediate Bulk Containers are tested for transportation by truck, rail and sea containers. They are designed well to handle the hard impacts and strains of rail and truck journeys.  Better product design ensures safety of handling workers. The minimal handling ensures reduced accident and injury rates. The containers do not leave residue and minimize disposal. Reduced spilling helps improved housekeeping and save the environment.

Usage of our Intermediate Bulk Containers results in reduced packaging cost, labor cost, overheads, loss of products, returns and cleaning

Superior Design

Stringent quality measures and manufacturing processes ensure the best product is in operation. The design, shape and structure adhere to international safety guidelines and regulations. Well-fortified side walls and reinforced corners provide superior strength during knocks and handling stress. Four-way access to pallets ensures multi-directional forklift facility and transportation.

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers come with a slew of advantages:

  • Reduced physical waste and disposal costs. All containers are reusable and environment-friendly
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers solutions available to meet all domestic and international business needs. Being HDPE Container it prevent contamination and reduce cleaning time and costs
  • Cubic shape helps transport more material in the same space than cylindrically shaped containers. Plastic and fiber-reinforced liners help easy filling and discharging with a variety of systems
  • HDPE Used for Production is UV Based to help prevent filled material expose to Sun Light – Added new Line
  • Strict adherence to global standards in design & development of our Intermediate Bulk Containers ensure smooth operation in the domestic and international corridors. The design also enables easy stacking, storage and cleaning
  • All containers are designed and tested for strength & durability and performance during all climatic conditions
  • Complies with standard industry regulations for the safe transportation of food grade, general use and dangerous goods.
  • The manufacturer of a product can ship the bulk package to many countries at low costs local re-packaging

Superior Design